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Strat Pick Guards

Pappy P

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I keep forgetting to ask this question.


Does the Strat pick guard effect tone.


I know some product discriptions talk out the no. of pickguard plies.


I'm assuming that the Pups are mounted to the pickguard.


Is this more of a feed-back issue than a tone issue?


My understanding is that the pick ups should be mounted to a surface that vibrates the least.


Help me understand this fellas.

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Well I can't answer that Pappy other than to relate a metal to plastic swap on one of my Strats. On the Aluminum Strat I originally had a aluminum pickguard and changed it to a black pickguard and didn't notice any difference in the tone or performance on the guitar. Same tone same sustain same amount of hum up near the amps ..So there is no doubt I had a different dynamic between the mounting surfaces of the pickups going from a metal to a plastic but no difference I could notice.
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