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Speed Picking, so to speak


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I like the medium-heavy .088 gauge


The med have too much play


There will be differing viewpoints forthcoming so try all of them and see which ones "work" for you


you need to angle the pick so it hits the string diagonally from right to left


I accomplish this by LIGHTLY anchoring the corner of where my wrist meets the palm onto the bridge, too where it does not mute the string, but could if needed


the pick is wedged between the side of the top index finger knuckle and thumb w/the thumbprint part of the thumb covering the top knuckle


Choke up on the pick so that you don't have a whole bunch of plastic flopping all over the place and to where you can go for some pinch harmonics if necessary


Other "speed pickers" angle it diagonally from left to right and float there hand over the strings w/o anchoring

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DO you mean that you are alternate picking and switching strings? or are you flat picking like skipping 2 or 3 strings at a time?
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Here is a nice discussion from a previous post by Yezcouncel, he did a good job on this:


First, you need PICKING HAND control, no doubt.


This MUST be established first PRIOR TO incorporating FRETTING HAND exercises.


I have been switching MANY picking hand conventions, and after 21 years; I have found the best way to position the picking hand which affords me more control and command:


LIGHTLY float/anchor the OUTSIDE corner (the side which faces AWAY from the bridge pickup of where your wrist meets your palm (heel of the hand.


Affix that part of the hand to where it barely touches where the bridge meets the strings , but is away from the bridge enough to where you do not MUTE the strings


Now, this is so you an form your fingers for a way to hold the pick which gives you ANOTHER method of control:


point the index finger into the saddle of your thumb (where the thumb muscle meets the bottom of the thumb.


Now align the flat part of the thumb to align itself over the TOP side of the index finger to where the thumbprint part covers iover the side of the second knuckle of th index.


Now, choke up the index finger to the thumb to where the side of the top knuckle of the index is under the thumbprint part.


Place the pick to where the point of the pick faces AWAY from the index finger nail towards the strings


Now, practiceall of your normal course of playing WHILE making a conscious effort to hold your pick this way.


The third thing is hand movement

Try to use your thumb joint/index finger joint movement in coordination w/ the wrist


Relax the elbow joint and forearm muscles


Hand placement


Pick placement


Hand movement

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