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Alternate tunings ala Sonic Youth


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Those familiar with Sonic Youth should be familiar with their system of tunings. I'm refering to the off-the-wall, often made-up tunings Thurston, Lee, and Kim use. Not to mention jamming drumsticks, screwdrivers, etc. under the strings to make those insane sounds.


Just wondering if anybody on here ever experiments with stuff like this...crazy alternate tunings, dissonant chords, and whatnot.

Lyrics-wasted time between solos.
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yeah back in the late 60's was the first for me.. lotta fun at the time... unfortunately beacuse of the way the overtones work in real time/space it was of limited potential i find.... just for shits and grins try three composers.... varese' (spelling anyone?) penderecki john cage.... have fun...
"style is determined not by what you can play but what you cant...." dave brubeck
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