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I need the best value-for-money tuners for a Les Paul


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Hi! :-)


I need to replace the crappy tuners of an Epiphone Les Paul with some good locking tuners.




Schaller M6Klemm 3l/3r Black, 66 on thomann's...




Schaller 1502 - 92 worth the money?


What do you think?



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I was going to say check with Stew-Mac, but since you are on the other side of the pond, they may not ship over there. On the off chance that they do, check out www.stewmac.com. They have quite a few choices (locking and standard) that are reasonably priced. Good luck.

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Planet Waves make some slick locking/cutting tuners, although I can't comment on them. Not sure if they are expensive. Besides, I heard that shipping costs are really high to Fartland. Is that true?
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The Gotohs are good, too. They have these new 510's that start at about 60 euros ($75 US).




The design is such that it tunes as well as any of the conventional locking tuners. One less knob to deal with, so it must be a very efficient tuner to use. I'd definitely love to have this with a Kahler, Floyd Rose, or Stetsbar equipped guitar.


Here's the mini version, also going for the same price:



But, if you like the extra knob, and fewer string winds, nothing works as well as a Sperzel, IMO. They start at 48 euros ($60 US):



(I went through http://stewmac.com for the prices and pics.)

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