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So I just bought a sitar....NOT!


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So...almost two weeks since I paid for it...

...and a few emails asking for the Tracking# and when can I expect to get it.

And all the guy kept saying was..."I'll see if I can get you the Tracking # in a couple of days."




Finally...I got a bit firm with him yesterday...and he tells me, "Just be patient...you'll get it this week".

I said, "The week is already over...do you mean next week...and can you please tell me straight...did you ship it yet...or not?

'Cuz if you shipped it...then give me the Tracking number!"


Well, today he sends me an email telling me he has refunded my money back to my PayPal account becauseI was not being patient with himand that I was harassing him....and that he is having UPS bring it back! :)

What a load of bullshit!

The guy never shipped it out!


I paid the prick the minute the auction was over...and then he strings me along for almost two weeks...and then HE gets pissed 'cuz I'm not being patient enough! :D


If that ain't rich!!! :thu:


I checked his eBay feedback...and saw that he had several other positive feedbacks but where the people noted that he took like 3-4 weeks to ship their items.


Anyway...the money is in my PayPal account...so now I'm back on the hunt for a sitar.

I just might spend a few more bucks and get a brand new one from a dealer this time.

miroslav - miroslavmusic.com


"Just because it happened to you, it doesn't mean it's important."

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There are no set rules about when to pay or when to ship...however, most people expect payment at auction end or within a few days...

...and of course, they wait for you to pay before they ship.

All of my "buyer" transactions...get paid the day the auction ends...and most sellers are very pleased and that's why I have a 100% perfect feedback score.


I never pressured this guy. I only asked him to send me a Tracking # when he shipped.

He sent me a couple of emails telling me that the sitar was on it's way to me....and that he would "try" and get me the Tracking # in a couple of days.


Usually...when you ship...you get the Tracking # right then. No shipping company holds it for a few days before they release it to the shipper.


So after about 10 days and no sitar OR Tracking #...

...thats when I pushed the issue.

And it turns out he never shipped it.

If he had been up front...and told me it would take him at least a week before he would get it out...I would have waited.

But it's the conscious stalling/lying that pisses me off.

Believe me...if I had stalled on the payment for 10 days...he would have been sending a complaint to eBay a lot sooner then me!


Anyway...he already has a less than perfect feedback score...and he made a point to tell me not to leave any feedbacknow that he has refunded my money.

So I think he is more worried about negative feedback then I am.


Oh...thanks for the link, Scott. I already found a few others too.

I'm trying to find a decent sitar for around $400...as I don't want to get a higher-priced, concert-grade instrument unless I really get serious about it.

I just wanted something basic/simple...that has fairly good tone and playability.


Man...there are some really beautiful models out there! They're not just instruments...they're works of art! :cool:

miroslav - miroslavmusic.com


"Just because it happened to you, it doesn't mean it's important."

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