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new guitar software


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Hey Mading! :wave:


We get a lot of spam in here. Once every day or two, someone posts a thread, pretending to need help or wanting us to check something out. Then they never come back. 90% of the time, it's spam.


If we have assumed incorrectly in this case, I apologize. Please stick around. I think you'll really enjoy this place.

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well im a portuguese artist some info on www.ruiluis.com , some of my gear are yamaha guitars, and a crazy one made by me, line6 flextone HD TUBETONE 300watt, line6 podxt live, whammy pedal etc...


about guitars i was contacted by a Brasilian company www.tagima.com.br interested on endors me ,lets see what future brings ;)


edit: ho my style , well im a solo guitar player my main influence is steve vai he is an alien

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