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OT: Celebs you share a birthday with....


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back on thread;


johann michael bach, jean piaget, ralph houk, bob cousy, rod laver, sam eliot, ken norton, melanie griffith, whitney houston, brett hull, deion sanders, rod brind'amour, :bor:



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I believe the question is how many celebs share a birthday with ME! ;)


Looks like Pearl Harbor, Tom Waits and (my favorite) Harry Chapin. Oh, and "the ill-fated Mary, Queen of Scotts."

Raise your children and spoil your grandchildren. Spoil your children and raise your grandchildren.
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Originally posted by Guitarzan:

on the exact day and year of my birthday is none other than Brad Garret (everybody loves raymond).

but just the day (apr 14) is Ritchie Blackmore, Sarah M. Gellar, Julie Christie, Pete Rose, Loretta Lynn, Rod Steiger and John Gielgud.

I share your birthday, as well as my 2 youngest kids. Now that's unusual...
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So, is anybody sharing their b-day today with Myles? :idea: Along with George Michael, Jimmy Walker, Phyllis George(former Miss America), Carly Simon, June Lockhart, and George Orwell.
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1983 Mischa Mandel (actor)

1965 Mike Diamond (wrestler)

1956 Bo Derek (Cathleen Collins) (actress)

1947 Joe Walsh (musician, singer)

1946 Duane Allman (musician)

1945 Dan McBride (singer)

1943 Veronica Hamel (actress)

1940 Natalia Makarova (ballerina)

1940 (Malcolm John) Dr John Rebennack (musician)

1940 Tony Butala (singer)

1939 Dick Smothers (comedian)

1932 Richard Dawson (actor)

1927 Estelle Parsons (actress)

1926 Kaye Ballard (Catherine Balotta) (actress, comedienne)

1925 Robert Kennedy (US Senator)

1925 June Christy (singer)

1921 Phyllis Thaxter (actress)

1920 Gene Tierney (actress)

1916 Judy Canova (comedienne, actress)

1914 Emilio Pucci (Marchese deBarsento) (fashion designer)

1908 Sir Alistair Cooke (author, TV Host)

1900 Chester Gould (cartoonist - dick tracy)

1898 René (François Ghislain) Magritte (Surrealist painter)

1889 Edwin Powell Hubble (astronomer)

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Originally posted by Bluesape:

Originally posted by Zephyr:

George Herman Ruth that is

I think more folks know him as "Babe".
Too cool! I feel hitterish; somebody get me a hot dog...

Ask yourself- What Would Ren and Stimpy Do?


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Gotta love google! July 18th.


Nelson Mandela, John Glenn, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, and Red Skelton.

and a detail my wife loves; Vin Diesel, one year my junior. Note the resemblance... ;)


Plus in 64 a great fire burns down much of Rome, while the Emperor Nero, according to legend, fiddles. How cool is that?


To top it off, it's Constitution Day in Uruguay!

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