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OT: Frustrated


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This is computer recording related so read only if interested.


Man I am so frustrated. I have a Pro Tools Digidesign 002 Rack setup with Pro Tools LE 7.1 running on a G4 Mac 1.25GHz Dual Processor. Sounds decent but I am having so many problems.


About 4 years ago I finally decided to buy a G3 Mac and get Pro Tool 5 and a Digi 001. A little ways into it and I realized that the G3 was not powerful enough...even though it was fully supported.


The Mac G5's were just coming out but they were not supported for my 001. Since I did not want to have to buy a new computer AND a new 002 recording hardware setup, I got a G4 instead which was supported with my 001.


Shorly after that Digidesign drops support for the 001 altogether!!


Then they go to Pro Tools 6 and Mac goes to Panther. I weed through all the bugs and updates, endure a miserable period where an iTunes and Quicktime update by Apple just DESTROYS Pro Tools and it takes weeks to figure it out.


And then they go to Pro Tools 7 and Mac goes to Tiger. Now nothing I have works because 001 is officially not qualified for Pro Tools 7 and Tiger.


So I go drop the $1100 and buy the Digi 002 Rack, and I pay more for it to get the Factory Plug In Bundle, and I go to Tiger, but now it is apparent that I am undercomputed again....and I am really wishing I had a G5!!!


Then Digi goes to v7.1 and it turns out thata lot of the old plug ins ( that I paid the extra money for ) dont work and cause crashes and instability. My system performance had dropped to awful so I figured I would try the updates.


Did that today and now my Pro Tools won't run at all . Crashes every two minutes or so.


I am so frustrated. Dammit! I am spending ALL my time trying to fix bugs and stay ahead of the game, and NO time writing and recording.


It totally sucks..these manufacturers have got me by the nuts....and the only way out is to spend more money on a bigger better computer and a better recording platform like Digidesign HD or something.....I mean I am sure that a phone call and my Visa card for the support charge will get some joy eventually, but is it too much of me to expect to pay all this money and not have it work correctly?


I am seriously considering going to Windows! I would never have said that 2 years ago...but reports are that the Pro Tools system is way more stable on XP. This is a nightmare.


Pay for another computer??


Thanks for letting me vent.

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Yeah you are stealing my thundah HT :D:D


I am feeling a bit better ( but not confident all is well ) I Repaired permissions and trashed all my preferences, then I set the faders to not move duting playback and upped the hardware buffer, set CPU use to 99% yadayadayada.

Now I can get through a mix.


It should not be that hard you know.


Hey SherriQueen of the 7string....well yeah, I know my Mac pretty well, it is a conflict thing within Pro Tools and it also has to do with the Mac OS and Digidesign and the feeling is that they are not really working together that well...the companies that is. So Apple will tell you oh it is a Digidesign thing, talk to them...that kind of deal.


I have issues with this because I feel things dip into the realm of false advertising/truth in advertising a lot these days.


Manufacturers will sell their software and say it works with such and such computer and such and such platform but when you really get into it you find problems. Often there is fineprint and disclaimers that can be buried so easily and thenn there is the whole update nightmare you can get caught up in.


It really sucks quite often.


I think that if software is sold and A) your computer falls in the minimum requirement category and B) the software says it will work with the platform you have.....then it should work glitch free and to the full claims of the software.


You should not have to deal with finding out later that say for eg " Full track counts may not be achieved by computers that only meet the minimum requirements " or whatever, if you know what I mean.


I even bought a PS2 game..Ghost Recon not so long ago and it had glitches and so I called tech support and got an oh well you are SOL because my PS2 was an older model. The game says for PS2 on it!!!! I have a PS2...who cares what generation it is...it should work or there should be a huge warning lable somewhere.

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When you said you were frustrated, I was worried we were going to hear about something we didn't really need to hear about. :D

Anyway, check in to the SSS at harmony central. They have a ton of recording wiz people there (that used to post here) and they could give you some ideas as to what to do as well.



Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.

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