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Surge Protection

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It seems like people confuse power conditioners w/ surge supression.


Are there units which do both?


I have my rackmount power conditioner going into this really compact surge protecting powerstrip w/battery backup.


it is the APC home/office surge alert unit at office depot



1800 joules of protection


I like it because it is compact enough to bring to gigs

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Originally posted by Guitar55:

How many joules of protection does one need?

Good question. I didn't know either, so I just traded in the first one and got the other one, yet with something like 3500 joules which was the max you could get at offic4e depot


I figure that with the rack power conditioner/strip plugged in, that those 2 would have to fry first and would before the equipment would

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Originally posted by lee83:

Yeah you only really need battery backup if youre running a PC as part of your rig.

I rethought this, and maybe the batt backup is good for tube amps, becaue the batt bckp allows you to hit the standby switch instead of the power cutting in and out on the head
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