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OT: what the internet is 4! 2good2miss!

Big Red 67

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Originally posted by A String:

I started buffering the clip when you posted it 27 minutes ago. Once it loads, I'll watch it.


Stupid dial-up...

AString, U must get Highspeed, I was with dial-up for years, never thought I needed to change untill I got into music, forums, and videos and such, with all the new internet pages out there they are in need of HighSpeed, I really didnt think it would make a difference but once I got optonline cable I hit myself in the head and said "what was I waiting for?!?!" Its a good investement!
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I had highspeed cable for a long time. Eventually, the $57 a month charge just became to much with all the other, cost of living expenses, on the rise. I switched to dial up and am now paying $13 a month.


It's painfully slow (especially after the move from cable), but really cheap.


I hope some day to return to the fast lane...

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I upgraded from MTR (Message Tied to a Rock) and Bell is still ignoring my requests for a functional solution. What I have now if just a joke.

I still think guitars are like shoes, but louder.


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