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Anyone seen Ed or Alex?


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Originally posted by Squ:

uhhh... pretty terrible quality.. I can't tell what the hells going on. Or who that guy in the cowboy hat is.

Kenny Chesney & the Van Halen Bros ROCKING out at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA on June 17, 2006 for Kenny's Road and the Radio Tour! Shots taken from 9th row seats.
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Awesome!! Honestly, I assumed EVH was in a hospital bed somewhere strapped to an IV. Instead, he appears to be in great form these days.


I heard something about Michael Anthony joing Sammy Hagar's band... But, here's to hoping for the ULTIMATE reunion!! :)

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I think VH should form a new band with the same band, but just go in a new direction. Either instrumentally, or get a new singer that is totally different approach. Like totally do acoustics, or something completely different than they have done. Don't call it Van Halen. Name it something else. That would be cool. You know they would be awesome!!


Whatever I am nothing comparedly, just my opinion.

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Originally posted by flagshipmile:

If they aren't going to get Roth back, I wish they would break up or do an album of instrumentals.

sorry guys I know there is a lot of fans but I wish they would just break up. no more please

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