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behringer xm-8500

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hi, i was planning on buying the behringer xm-8500 3 pack for mic'ing my drum set to record. i was going to have 2 stereo overhead mics and mic the bass drum, i already have an sm-58 that i could use for the snare, i read that 4 mics should be sufficient, at least for what i'm doing which means i don't need perfection. well anyway, my question is, do you think that behringer xm-8500's would suffice in this situation? any reply would helpful, thanks!
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I don't know about this particular model of Behringer microphone, but those I've seen/heard in real life after only a short period of heavy use in a rehearsal room indicates that they are really crappy Chinese b-stock microphones. Sounded like shit and could not take any abuse without falling apart. If you are operating on a shoestring budget I suggest that you buy used AKG C1000's, perhaps not the best microphone ever made but they are at least decent and quite versatile. Or else: get some more SM 57's, they are studio- & stage- standard everywhere. Hope that this was of any help. /Mats


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