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OT: Going for the ol' rotorooter tomorrow...


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Yes, friends and neighbors, it is once again time to have a colonoscopy. The last one(three years ago) found a polyp and a lipoma, both benign, and because of those, and the fact my father died of colon cancer, they want to get a look every couple of years. If they wanted to do it any more often, I think I'd want to hang lights and charge admission...

I have been dreaming of fried chicken while enduring a clear liquid diet today, and this evening went ten rounds with a very effective laxative preparation I had to drink a half-gallon of in an hour & a half. I don't guess I have to tell you who won the bout; WHOOSH! Squeaky clean am I!

Pray for me, if you will. Thank God they don't want to do this every year...

Always remember that you�re unique. Just like everyone else.




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Aaaah yes, been there done that. Yes you are now fully cleansed old chap and ready for the 16 feet of camera cable.


I was very nervous about mine, and voiced my fears to the matronly head nurse there. She said " oh don't worry about it, you won't feel a thing, some people actually go to sleep during the procedure"


So afterwards in recovery she popped in and said " so how was it, did not hurt at all did it?"...to which I replied...


" no it was perfectly fine, in fact I don't remember a thing so I hope I didn't start singing "Don't You Make my Brown Eye Blue" in the middle of it all "


She was not impressed with my attempt at humor!


Good luck to ya!

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Hang in there Picker. If there is a problem, it's best to catch it early.

So far, my "do it yourself" tests have been negative so my Doc has not ordered the famous colonoscopy. I suspect my turn is coming.



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dang Picker. i don't envy your appointment tomorrow.

you need to put a sign there.."exit only".

i am flashing back to my entrance medical at my job.

it was only a finger ( i think it was only one) but the doc had big hands.

i can't even imagine a camera crew being involved.

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Well, I am back, and they totally ignored the "Exit Only" sign(it was a great idea, I'm sure it was the execution that kept it from working). I am told they found three polyps and the lipoma, and they are testing all of them for results I'll get in 7-10 days. I slept through the whole thing, and I'm a tad woozy, but I did get my fried chicken lunch(KFC three piece dark meat with mashed taters and cole slaw) and feel a lot better after it.

Honestly, the worst part was the laxative. That kept me from sleeping much last night. But, with the rest of the day off, I plan to well rested by the time I go to see Johnny Winter tonight. Thanx for the prayers.

Always remember that you�re unique. Just like everyone else.




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Hope all turns out benign, Picker.


I had my first colonoscopy last year and, same thing, I was out the entire time. Didn't hurt a bit afterward, either.


But damn if that drink wasn't absolutely terrible. It didn't exactly taste bad, but something about it sent my body into convulsions before I finished two thirds of it. As clean as I thought I was, it was barely just clean enough for them to get a good look.


I understand there's a pill one can take that accomplishes the same thing. (Maybe with drinking a lot of water. :confused: ) All I know is I won't be drinking that dreck again. I hate throwing up. :freak:

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Good luck with the biopsy results, Picker. You are smart to get scoped regularly.


I, have been scoped, twice. The actual procedure is nothing, and there are very few after effects at all. The "bowel prep" is the only real "pain in the -ss. The liquid stuff ("go lightly" is one brand name!!!!!) does taste horrible. The pills aren't much better. You have to take a whole bunch of them over the course of a couple of hours, all the while drinking a ton of water. No matter how you look at it, the worst part is, well, how should I put this..........How about this....there is not much left of your anal sphincter when you are done evacuating your brains out!!!


Seriously, it is not a difficult procedure at all, and a very important one as well!!


Rock on, Picker! And, again, good luck!



"There once was a note, Pure and Easy. Playing so free, like a breath rippling by."






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