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In The Age Of Re-Issues, Peavey Needs To..............

A McLeod III

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.........come up with the T-Series ReIssue. I've discovered a contingent of players as loyal to the T-60 as many Fender fanatics are to the Tele and Strat. As nice as the HP Signatures are, Hartley Peavey should have put the T60 back out there as the his Signature Model. All the T's were (and still are ) very cool guitars. And man, if you can find one, jump on the diminuitive T-15's. The Super Ferrite pickups and the unique tone circuit that adds hi precense at lower tone levels was way ahead of it's time. Versatile guitars to say the least. Sometimes, you just rediscover some stuff that makes you go Hmmmmmmm.............and you just want to tell everybody about it. Any T-Series affecianados in this forum? If you are , you might like this demo I did of just the T-15 by itself. Playing this little 23.5 scale thing is a blast. Check it out:


Peavey T-15 Guitar Demo.............A Blast From The Past ! ;)

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