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A String

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Originally posted by A String:

Good news is, they will probably come up with "Pay per use" or "Monthly payment" sites for tab, set up by the companies that publish the books. This will mean that the tab you download on line will actually be right!

That would be good, musicroom.com already offers some tabs for single songs in PDF format I think.


GP mag did the same thing for a few issues, you entered in a code in the magazine and were able to download the tab of your choice from a list.

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This has been going on for a while now. Some music publishers association or other started trying to get them to stop doing it.


It is a setback I suppose as it is not so easy any more to just go look up some chords or a riff to a song.


But when you think about it it makes total sense. Published music is protected by Copyright. Someone owns that copyright and they have a right to say how it gets used. Fair and square. End of story.


Just the same as if one of us finally got a song we wrote picked up by a publisher who got it to an artist and it became a hit. Now it is making big money. Whoever wrote it is going to want to make as much as they can off it and whoever published it is going to want the same. And since the publisher usually gets most or all of the sheet music sales, they are not going to want sales to be affected by the fact that you can get his property for free on the internet.


There is no argument for this at all. It belongs to someone, they get to say how it is used.


I poked around the other day looking for some chords to a song and noticed I could not find anything. Okay, so those days of free TAB are going away....


Read more here... TAB sites

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