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Experiment.. re:composing for other instruments


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Rhino really tweaked my interest when he did his awesome tune using software orchestral instruments and his acoustic guitar. This is a short :22 second clip of a flute, oboe and clarinet. I "wrote" this tonight using Overture SE which is a lite software notation program, and Garritan Personal Orchestra for the instrument samples. It's cool, you write the dots and stuff and assign the staves to the instrument you want and send a MIDI file of it to the sequencer, never touched an instrument....well you can tell.... Anyway, phew, a lot to learn here!


I am majorly new to this and don't have MIDI down at all, so there is a ton I could do regarding expression.


This is not a serious attempt at writing at all, more just a test. Gotta start somewhere.This whole technology is amazing, the notation, the soft synths that play the MIDI files, the sample libraries...awesome!! And like Finale will even put a Human Feel on it so it gets some vibe to it. Amazing what can be done today.


Anyway it is kinda dumb and ploddy with some "odd" notes, but my first quick attempt at this stuff just for fun and to show Rhino I was serious about being inspired by his venture into this world.


:22 sec Woodwind test

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Very nice, melody and interesting harmony at points. But at times it seems like the harmony gets too muddled; the only suggestion I have is a possible use of different timbres to better differentiate between the thick harmonies and when the melody gets a bit crowded by the harmony. But, I still don't know much theory, composition skills, or life in general so there you go :)
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