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Originally posted by BiC:

Originally posted by Warthog:

Call me burnt out on the military. I've never been one that loved following orders. One thing's for certain: when I retire from this at 42 I'll take a job with a lot less stress and a lot fewer bosses...

I Got out @ 10 years, then came back in. All in all, I'm 3 years away from retirement.


I'm burned out. I admit it. I do not like my job... I've been in too long to do recruiting duty... I don't have enough time on station to retrain. I'm basically stuck in a rut.


But, those 3 years will be here before I know it. In the meantime, I'll just pursue my business degree while the Uncle Sam pays 100% tuition. ;)


But yeah, I'm burned out... REALLY REALLY burned out. I'm tired of being away from my family months at a time. I've done my time... sacrificed my time. I'm ready for a change.

You can do it, BiC. It's only three years. It may seem like a long time right now. But in three years time you'll wonder where the time went. Hang in there dude. We're pulling for of you guys in uniform.

Born on the Bayou


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Originally posted by caprae:

Hey, Warthog. I saw first hand how much more difficult the military travel was on families than on singles. I'm amazed at any family that makes it out whole and complete. My hats off to you.



Maybe get a couple of mac laptops - the new ones have the eyesight camera built into them. You talk and broadcast over the internet.

Raise your children and spoil your grandchildren. Spoil your children and raise your grandchildren.
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Thanks, all. I have a webcam...just need to get it set-up. Anyone know of a free program? How about MSN Messenger? I signed-up for Logitech's service cuz it came with the camera and after the initial trial period they wanted $60 (that'd be times 2 since my wife would need to sign-up too) so I let it expire. I have a Vonage phone too, so that makes it easier to call me, except when I get a telemarketer at 2 a.m. cuz they think they're calling North Carolina.


All the kind words are appreciated. Like I said, I hate any personal recognition...absolutely hate it and that's not why I posted. The kind words are very appreciated nonetheless. I just needed to vent last night and you fellas are a good avenue for that. I was getting fed-up, stressed-out, and lonely all at once. We all can build each other up here, which completely rules by the way.


And as far as the politics go, without going there, I question it sometimes too, but I took an oath to follow orders of those appointed over me. Personally, I'm an ultra conservative "religious righter" but totally respect others at the same time. That's what's so great about this place, we never (ok, rarely) let personal differences get in the way of a good conversation.


Thanks again. My hat is off to all ya'll too! One day I will join the ranks of the civilian, and be darn proud!

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