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Vinnie Moore - Shreddin' It Up

Tone Taster

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i love VM.

i seen him at an EBMM clinic and he is a great guy.

small dude like me. size is no excuse when it comes to playing.

why do i suck?

he is very melodic in most of his music.

he used to keep me awake when i had an hour drive after 4 to 12's when i first started my job.

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I always loved his playing for shredding.


He always played really metronomically, but very melodically. I never cared for his tone or his vibrato which is all fast.


I am sure he is a monster now, as that was 20 years ago.


I would rather listen to Vinnie shred than Yngwie thats for sure. He is an excellent sweep picker too. He has a strong Dimeola influence.

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EVH.. Tough to compare many shredders to EVH


EVH wasn't JUST a shredder


He was 1 of a kind in an incredible band that was 1 of a kind.


I know someone like Steve Vai is way faster than Eddie, but Eddie layed the groundwork dynamically for so many players. Actually Eddie's dynamics and feel are one more thing about him that makes him amazing. But whatever I am a VH nutcase.. I still give Alex as much credit and I always will. Imagine Drop Dead Legs without Alex laying down the groove?

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