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I love to see any great guitarist play, not just guys who play super fast. Keep in mind one of my favorites is Leo Kottke, whom I am sure could shred if he wanted too, but why bother when you have such a killer right hand fingerstyle. Someone posted about Adrian Legg like 7 weeks ago. I watched those U tube videos like 300 times. I appreciate solo players who are by themselves. It is way harder to be interesting as a solo guitarist by yourself, and more rewarding musically.


I am a shredder, so is Yze. I have heard Yze play a bit before and he is awesome.



Yze is more of a jazz guy than me and he has some really cool fusion sounding riffs. He is an educated musician. I am more of an ear player.


As usual I am on a tangent. Shredders are fun to watch cuz they show you all thier fast tricks in 1 song. I am too lazy to play fast that much. I used to though. When I listen back to my band 14 years ago every solo was fast. I had a couple that are still cool, but I was always conscious of the songs. Our stuff was metal and was way more complex as far as parts than the stuff we have recorded recently.


I think I am a better shredder now than I was, but I just can't make myself do it. I am too conscious of the songs and I just think that kind of thing usually takes away from the song. I say USUALLy because it isn't always the case. It depends on a million factors.


I have this new song that we are playing where I think I may have a little leeway, but it is acoustic. It is a cool riff that makes me want to explore a little.


I am not as interested in playing fast as much as starting and stopping the madness.

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