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What is a good beginner song to learn?


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I am practicing chords and scales but at the same time would like to learn something not too difficult. I have been playing the opening chords for the live version of "Stairway to Heaven". I like that one more than the studio version and have done okay with it so it far. Any other reccomendations?
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Ok a good one to practice timing and progression might be All Along The Watch Tower..by Hendrix, you can practice your bar chords, three fret positions and five chords. Give it a try. It will take you up and down the neck and let you practice changing chords within the same fret position. Do Cmaj to Gmaj..then Dmaj to Amaj and then up to the Emaj... then start over at Cmaj again. So it's two chords on the Third fret and two chords on the 5th fret and one chord on the 7th. fret which is your Emaj...give it a go and have fun! put on the record and play along with Jimmi, and do it right he might be watching you from above!!! :thu:
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It's All Over Now, by the Stones


Can't You See, Marshall Tucker Band


all sorts of Neil Young tunes,


Pipeline-- I'm not sure who did it, when I learned it, it was a Johnny Thunders tune :D but it is a surf tune from the 60's


When I Come Around, Green Day


For "Beginner" songs, I have to throw in a serious suggestion for classical guitar. The fingerings and music and the musical structures all are presented in all sorts of studies and etudes in such a way that one could go right from the beginner up to the concert repertoire. A lot of Guiliani's studies are sections of his concert works, often without any real change or simplification-- depending on the study. Of coarse some of his concert works are also pulled directly from other of his concert works :D


There are a lot of published versions of Bach's work that are simplified so people starting out can dig into his stuff.


In "The Classical Guitar" a collection edited by Fredrick Noad from Ariel Publications there is a great little "Andante" from Carulli's Op 27 that was the first thing I actually learned on guitar. That Noad collection isn't exactly aimed at beginners though as it has a balance between intermediate and advanced pieces.


The Classical Guitar Collection vols 1-3 edited by Bolotine from Amsco Music has a lot of beginner music, vol 2 is really lame but 1 and 3 are really worth looking at.


Guiliani Opus 1, (published in a Mel Bay collection of all his "studies") is a good place to start. As are the various classical method books like Carulli's Carcassi's, Sor's, and there are many others and more modern ones too. Guitar Solo publications has an amazing selection.


Carulli, Carcassi, Coste, Aguado are all names you can look for.


For more modern music, the preludes by Ponce were meant to be a sort of guitar method or primer.


The first five etudes by Brower are among the best anyone could hope for: they are easy to play, but with enough interpretive depth to keep you engaged for years, and they are performable. They are really amazing.


Alexander Bellow has a little "suite" in a sense that is easy once you get past "beginner" but *** (see note below) not really intermediate yet, called "Prelude, Scerzetto, and Gigue" from Guitar Solo publications. It is somewhat modern but mostly in first positon (or all, I don't remember I haven't played it a while.


A great way to get into longer peices is via "suites" or "Themes and Variations". A great one as one makes the transition into tougher music is Guiliani's Variazioni Facili Su Un' Aria Nazionale Austriaca" Opus 47. You can pick and choose which variations you'd want to perform and add as you learn.


Another Guiliani thing to look for is is Bagatelles and his Taratellas.


If you're beginning guitar I highly recommend at least learning the classical along side the rock stuff.


*** I went over that "suite" last night by Bellow and it is not for a beginner at all actually. The fingers aren't that hard, the rhythms are straight forward, but reading through it might take a little more experience and confidence and playing well (interpretation etc) puts it pretty firmly "intermediate" and not beginner at all. He does have some studies that would be appropriate though.

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