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More 5 way switch questions :)


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On my DK2 It has singel coil in the neck & middle and bucker in the bridge.


On the 5 way switch the 2 single coils are sodlered to points on the switch and the bucker has been split so the green is soldered to the switch and the red is taped up.


Firstly what difference does a split bucker make?


Is there any way of having one of the switch positions changed so instead of 2 being bridge & middle it is full bucker.


So what I was thinking of was



2=Bridge(Full bucker)


4=middle n neck



Is that possible??

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I'm not sure that's possible with *most* switches, as pos 1 & 2 always overlap to give you the combination sound *BUT*.......


I have a humbucker coming & I'm putting it in a suitable pickguard on the FrankenStrat. As I already mentioned above, I have a push/pull vol pot and it's dead easy to arrange the coil tap to this.


Split, you get a Strat-type sound, although it's never *actually* the same as a Strat pup on its own, it's near enough. Pop the vol pot & you have full 'bucker. The advantage of this is that you don't need to do any fiddley wiring on the selector switch.


There are 'SuperSwitches' available - see 'Schaller' and 'StewMac' which can do many things. The Stewmac catalogue & also the web site has info on this. Try here:




and click on the 'Instructions' tab.



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I pretty much got the same exact info as Geof just gave off of the Semour Duncan forum. They have a lot of schematics there showing different wireing options.
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