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Tubes rattle noise with Fender Pro Junior amp

Daniel Canton

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Hi everybody!


I'm new to this forum, so first I will introduce myself a bit. I'm a 24 years old, spanish guitar player who owns a Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster and a Fender Pro Junior amp.


I write here because I have a problem with my amp. I bought it second hand and since I have it, the tubes rattle a lot when playing certain notes on the guitar. I've searched on the Internet and I see it's a common problem with this amp, and it's derived of the filaments vibration of the tubes, because of the small cabinet the amp has. It has the stock Groove Tubes from Sovtek (12XA7 for the preamp and EL84 for the power section). Some people recommend me to change the tubes for another brands like JJ and Electro Harmonix. Would this stop the noise or would it came again after a time playing? I don't know what tubes to replace, the preamp or the power ones, because both of them can have this problem. Another problem is that if I change the power ones I will have to rebias the amp.


I hope anyone can help me.


Thank's a lot.

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