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Purchased a V-Amp Pro


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Anyone else using one of these? I am impressed! I picked it up for recording purposes only and having the ability to use headsets. I needed some silence in the house and wanted to improve my sound a bit.





The ultimate tone toolbox for guitar.


A rackmount version of the V-AMP, the Behringer V-AMP PRO Modeling Preamp has amazing subtlety of tone and exact replication of 32 classic and modern amp styles. 15 cab simulations can be mixed and matched with any amp. 16 editable high-end stereo effects include rotary speaker and wah-wah with optional MIDI pedal. 125 memory locations. 15 rear-panel connections for comprehensive routing. Complete MIDI automation through Windows editor software. Adjustable chromatic tuner, adjustable aux stereo in, and intuitive interface with lighted dials.


Behringer V-AMP PRO Modeling Preamp Features:


100 MIPS DSP for amazing subtlety of tone

32 classic and modern amp styles

15 cab simulations

16 editable high-end stereo effects including noise gate, compressor, wah-wah, modulation effects, delay, and reverb

125 memory locations divided into 25 banks of 5 presets each

15 rear-panel connections allow comprehensive routing and suit virtually every conceivable application

Additional unparalleled authentic cabinet simulation with sound design by Juergen Rath

Stereo headphone output with adjustable volume

Adjustable chromatic tuner

Internal power supply

MIDI implementation

Adjustable aux stereo

Intuitive interface with lighted dials

Editable with SoundDiver


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Originally posted by Guitarzan:

how does it sound? did you record any samples yet?

I am getting close to having some samples. I had a latency issue with my mbox that I just resolved so I am getting closer. For $169 this was well worth the money. I am not sure about live performances but for recording, this is going to work nicely!
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Originally posted by Guitarzan:

what recording gear did you use (software and drums?).

chewy tone, what amp sims?

i think i would like to have one of those.

This thing is a kick. I guess since I was pretty much using one amp and one sound this is opening a whole new world for me.


I ran the v-amp via spdif cable into my digidesign MBOX using Pro Tools. The amp I used on here was a Modern Hi-Gain through 4x12 vin 30's. They describe the amp as a Vai/Satriani tone ala Soldano. The drums are a loop from a boss dr-660 I believe.

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Originally posted by fantasticsound:

So, Dazed.. now that you've had it a few days what do you think? BTW - Is there an accompanying footpedal? (And do you have it?)

There is a foot pedal but I did not pick it up. One of the mods on my site has it and also has the pedal. He keeps telling me to order it. I am not really a lead player though so I did not see the need.


I am still thinking this is the best bang for the buck out there. I have only scratched the surface of this unit. People are raving about the simulated cab output capability. The main site is here http://www.behringer.com/LX1-PRO/index.cfm?lang=ENG but looking at the back of this will tell you why I got this one and not the vamp2. I do home recording only but this has a lot of flexibility.


I posted the picture but it was way too big lol. Just click the link :)



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