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Speaking of the Tubes...


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Originally posted by PBBPaul:

Can anyone help me with the name of one of their songs? The only lines I remember clearly mention "a baby's arm holding an apple" and "you as an American citizen may be entitled to...". There was also mention of a kidney-shaped swimming pool.


Any ideas?

What do ya want from life.
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Speakin' o' th' Tubes...


I saw them live years ago, at an outdoor concert; great show! One Hell of a spectacle, I must opine. Great sound, great playing, lotsa surpriseses, and some wild and often very funny theatrics! :cool:


They also put on one of the loudest, and longest, performances that I've ever attended. If memory serves, Todd Rundgren and Utopia opened up for that one, also a good performance, if- relatively- a bit more laid-back and "normal"!

Ask yourself- What Would Ren and Stimpy Do?


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If anybody on this forum is from the NE Ohio area, just east of Cleveland in particular, the Tubes are playing a grand opening of a new venue in Mentor, OH called the Funky Frog (formerly Backstreets) Show is this Saturday, June 10, not sure what time they go on or any other details.



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Originally posted by Fingerstyle_Jim:

I saw them way back when...., some great stuff on thier first album(White Punks on Dope) and the above song. Talk to ya Later was a few years into thier career and a bit of a commercial sounding new direction I thought.



The Tubes were pretty wild in their earlier years. I remember my brother cranking their first album practically round the clock. "White Punks On Dope" and "What do ya Want From Life" are forever ingrained in my brain. That's what made me inquire - I forgot the name. They had some pretty controversial and fairly R-rated stage productions as well IIRC. Their later stuff is tame and commercial by comparison.
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They still put on a crazy show. I saw 'em here at the Station Casino, in a sadly underattended show. Fee Waybill still changed costumes about every other tune, including the bondage getup for "Mondo Bondage"...a business suit for "Out of the Business" (one of my favorite Tubes songs)...and a bunch of stuff.


After the show, they were gracious enough to come out and talk to the audience. Waybill seems to be a very nice fellow, quite talkative.

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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