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Scott Holt at BB's Lawnside Barbeque


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Went to see the Scott Holt Band last Saturday night at a local barbeque joint called BB's Lawnside. It is a small joint, maybe holds 150 shoulder to shoulder. Had the short end ribs, oh baby, was it good!

Menawhile back to Scott Holt. I never saw him before, but I did hear a CD a friend of mine has. He's a killer player, has the "rock all night" thing down cold. He's also got chops that go all the way into next year, and left the frets on his strats slightly melted when he was done. He was a real crowd pleaser, even handed his guitar to a guy in the audience near the end of his first set(the guy wasn't great, but he wasn't embarassing, per se). Scott had great chops, great tone, a good backup band (bass and drums), and he can rock with the best of them. The only thing he didn't have was a real sense of drama on the slower blues stuff. He was very good, the first of the new strat guys I've heard in a long time that isn't trying to be the new SRV. But he wasn't GREAT. Maybe the rest will come with age; he looked to be in his late 20's early 30's. I'd go see him again, and would recommend him to anyone else who wants to see a real strat-burner work his axe over good & hard.

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I've opened for Scott Holt and seen him perform a couple of other times, as well. I was introduced to him as Buddy Guy's sideman, and quickly understood why he was after hearing him play.


Some friends of mine are opening for him later this month, and I'm looking forward to hanging out and listening to two great bands.

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I met Scott about 15 years ago when he was with Buddy Guy, and he was frightening then. We've had a few short conversations, but it's been years, back when I never let a Buddy gig pass by. He's the reason I bought a Blade, and no one has ever given me better advice. He's a really warm person, and can hold his own on ANY stage with ANY player alive, and most of the dead ones. :thu:
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Cool. I'll holler at ya. :thu:

quote:Originally posted by mdrs:


It's pure B.S., and obvioulsy inaccurate. I suspect it is posted for effect, not for accuracy.


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The Edge > Ted Nugent

Guitar One Mag > Guitarplayer

Slash > Carlton

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