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VH1... Heavy: The Story of Metal


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The other link on VH1 Rock Honors jogged my memory on this...


I guess May was Heavy Metal month on VH1. Too bad I missed watching most of their shows!!!


They have this series of orginal shows called Heavy: The Story of Metal. I haven't seen any episodes yet, but I heard they're pretty good. Each show focuses on a specific time-period in "metal history." Too bad this wasn't a subject of a college history class back when I was in school!


Check out the link for more info and showtimes...



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I saw alot of the shows. If you're into the 80's metal thing, it is worth checking out. The Story of Metal series (4 parts, I think) was really good. They interviewed the people that were really there, living it. Good shows. Also did you catch the Decline of Western Civilization: The Metal Years. I saw it when it first came out in '88 and forgot how good it was, even though the part with Chris Holmes from WASP where he is drinking in the pool with his Mom there, has got to be the most uncomfortable bit of film produced. I guess the bad comes with the good. Even though I don't currently own one(but have owned my fair share in the past :D ), pointy guitars are still cool to me!! :thu:

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I TIVO'd A LOT of it this past week. I really enjoyed it because that's the era that influenced me. Actually, got me playing my guitar more, giving me a case of G.A.S. :idea:


So, I guess that's a good thing. :thu:

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