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Read First: Guitar Player, Forum Rules

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Guitar Player, Forum Rules:


First off, Welcome to the forum! We like to think of this place as our own "Virtual Pub". The little place on the internet where you can sit down with good friends and talk about guitars, effect pedals and any other musically related topics.


We have a few simple rules here, to help keep the peace. Please read them over and then feel free to join in!


1. No Politics or Religion.


These forums are for discussing the guitar. The occasional off topic thread is allowed, but please designate it by adding an "OT:" to the beginning of the thread title. Politics and religion always seem to stir up hard feelings, so it's best if they are not brought up in here.


2. No Spam.


If you are just stopping in to sell something, don't bother. For regular, contributing members, please direct your items for sale to the "Guitar & Gear Classifieds" thread. It has been made a "Sticky" so it will always be located at the top of the page. If you are looking to buy something, by all means stop in and look around.


This forum holds no responsibility for items up for sale within the classified section. Buying items from here must be done at your own risk.


For Promoters:

1. If you work for a music products manufacturer, and someone asks a question about your products or directly requests information from you or your company (for example, a post that begins "If anyone from Kormahaland is listening..."), your response is entirely welcome, as one mission of this forum is certainly to foster information exchange between manufacturers and users. However, please do not start topics about your company or products.


2. During each major trade show, a member or myself may start a thread about new gear at that show. (NAMM, AES, Musikmesse, etc). Again, please leave it to a non-manufacturer to begin the topic, but you are encouraged to post summaries and links to new products introduced at the trade show on that thread only, please.


A few guidelines for what a manfacturer response may contain: Feel free to cite all the design features and their attendant benefits that you want. "This is what we did, and this is why it makes our stuff great." No problem there. When it comes to negative statements about the competition, though, some care is needed to keep things fair. We don't mind statements about a general category of one's competition - for example, you might make a hardware VA synth and talk about why it's better than "workstations" or "soft synths" for a given purpose. But claims about a specific competitor that are either somewhat subjective (Example: "XYZ company's samples sound unrealistic and don't sit in a mix well") or hard for the average reader on these forums to verify as more than hearsay (Example: "I've had a lot of customers switch to my product after getting frustrated with XYZ") are to be avoided. (Thanks to Stephen Fortner for writing up the policy for promoters!)



3. No Personal Attacks.


Please refrain from personal attacks. If you are having a problem with a member and it can't be settled through PMs, talk to one of the Mods.


4. No Trolls!


If you are here to tell everyone how great you are, stir up trouble and see how many folks you can upset, you are in the wrong place.


5. No Resurrecting Old Threads.


If most of the contributing members to a thread are gone and unable to reply, please don't "bump" the thread. As a basic guideline, avoid resurrecting threads that are older than six months. We don't like "Zombie Threads" around here!


6. Please post music in the "Share Your Music..." thread.


If you have a song and you'd like us to give it a listen, feel free to post it in the "Share Your Music With The Forum" thread. You will get honest reviews of your masterpiece without the hassles of having to find it when it drops off the page. Plus, our forum doesn't get over run with song submissions.


7. No Profanity or Inappropriate Images.


Please remember that this is a family site and is therefore viewed by people of all ages. It's also important to note that folks who are logging in from their places of work, may wind up having pages that contain profanities, blocked. Therefore it is in everyone's best interest to avoid it. Mods have final say on the appropriateness of any and all images posted.




For the regulars, you will notice a new subforum at the top of the page called the "Guitar & Gear Classifieds: For Sale and Wanted". Feel free to use it for posting gear that you wish to buy or sell. Also, it may be used for finding musicians in your home town.


Other then that, take off your hat, pull up a seat and stay a while. There are a lot of very knowledgeable folks here and an equal number of "newbies" looking for help. One way or another, you'll fit right in.

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Top Posters In This Topic

I heartily add my endorsement to Craig's format.


We are indeed a family oriented bunch, and we are far more interested in your input on guitar related matters than in your political or ideological leanings.


We love to joke and banter; in fact, some of us are truly warped! :D


But, most of all, we love to help new people embrace the guitar!


Reif Spano


Forum Moderator

Never a DUH! moment! Well, almost never. OK, OK! Sometimes never!
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