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Douglas SMH91 vs Agile AS820

blitzkrieg bop

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I looked at them awhile back when I wanted a cheaper semi hollow to play around with.. they are both good although I went with a jay turser instead.. my JT gives me a cool T5 type sound (ballpark) when I strum it.. so I dont think you can go wrong as long as you dont expect it to sound exactly like a 335 or something... Im no expert but I sort of gathered that if you want to leave it pretty much stock then look at the 820 and if you want to play around with it save the money and pick up the douglas...


I may have to look closer at that white 820, I dont remember seeing that color before...

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Try Harmony-Central. If I remember correctly the Agile line generally gets better reviews than the Douglas line. Maybe someone that lives in the general area of Rondo music can go check them out and give you a better idea of the two.
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