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Favorite Blues Key


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This morning, I'm just "playing" instead of "practicing" and decided to crank out some pentatonic lines in patterns/positions I'm less used to. ellwood gave me a blues "jam track" CD some time ago that's pefect for this kind of stuff.


I have to say, my favorite key for the blues is Bmin/Dmaj. It's got this haunting, dark tone to it that I love.


What's your favorite?

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I bought a Jamey Aebersold book/CD package called Minor Blues, and must admit I enjoy playing along with ALL of them!


Yes, certain keys are easier on various instruments... for example, E is easy on guitar, with two E strings, and all the rest fit easy into the blues scale; and for mandolin, the key of G is easy. But why be limited to what's EASY??


On flute, and no, I don't play it well, I run through the "scale of the week" in all 12 keys.. I refuse to be limited... I guess it's a genetic defect!

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