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Electric Guitar to Stereo System


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I've run through my mac. Guitar into the mac line input, played through Garage Band, out the stereo out and into the line in on the stereo. You have to make sure that the mic on the computer is turned off (mine was built in) or you get a horrible feedback loop.
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Originally posted by FroznCoffee:

I was wondering if you could hook up an electric guitar to a stereo system (boombox,speakers,etc.) via a headphone jack connector on the electric guitar cord.



In the old days, 1/4 inch inputs were not uncommon on home stereo systems. However, the speakers were never made to handle the extreme spiking from an electric guitar. You system may or may not have the appropriate input jack, but if so, you will want to keep the volume down at the very least.



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Or buy yourself a multieffect such as a Korg Pandora and run it into a tape/cd input with a stereo 1/4" male to dual RCA jack cable.


I've done that for several years with the first boom box I bought myself. It's a 1983 or '84 RS boom box. The cassette player/recorder has been broken for 15 years, but it has dual RCA inputs and sounded great, in stereo, with the Pandora PX-3.


Of course, if you can afford a used Pandora or similar effect, you can probably afford a really cheap but decent practice amp. Mono, of course, but so what?

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