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What Drummer Would You Most Like to Work With?

Dr. Ellwood

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Probably Carter Beauford, although he's way outta my league.




And Ringo. Not flashy, solid. Not to mention he played on some of my favorite songs. Let's hear it for Ringo!



"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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Stewart Copeland, Bill Bruford, Bun E. Carlos, John Bonham (if only)...


Those are the guys, out of famous celebrated drummers, who make me want to play with 'em when I hear 'em.


Two you've never heard of- that I have played with- would be Ernie Whiting (brushman-extraordinaire! Empathic capacity for interactive ensemble-playing), and Jeff Dopko (a killer fill-man who'd refuse to do "drum solos", with an absolutely psychic connection to the rest of the group when improvising rock 'n' roll). A great drummer like one of these guys just makes the band!

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The funny thing is i play with a great drummer

and no not the one on my soundclick,but he can be such a pain in the ass sometimes.


I would have to say Cobham but who am i kidding

i'm not worthy.

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Including, but most certainly not limited to; and just off of the top of my head:


For Straight ahead Jazz:

Bill Stewart

Marvin "Smitty Smith"

Peter Erskine



Chris Layton

Steve Jordan


Straight Up Rock:

Carmine Appice

Simon Phillips

Artemus Pyle

Jonathan Mover

Cozy Powell (God rest his soul)


Hard Rock / Progressive:

Sean Reinhart(cynic)

Mike Portnoy(dream theater)

Mark Zonder(fates warning)

Neal Pert


Funk/Fusion - Or just about anything

Steve Gadd,

Bernard Purdy,

Billy Cobham

Dennis Chambers

Narada Michael Walden

Alphonse Mouzon

Carter Buford

Michael White

Raiford Griffin

Manu Cahe

Vinnie Calaiuta

Terry Bozzio

Chad Wackerman

Steve Smith

John Robinson

Ronnie Lawson

Lenny White

Will Kennedy

Kirk Covington

Omar Hakim



Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez

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From a mostly bass player's point of view,


For the heavy set ::


1. Danny Carey

2. Matt McDonough

3. Mike Portnoy

4. Bill Ward

5. Igor Cavelera

6. Vinnie Paul


For the rock set ::


1. Alex Van Halen

2. Carmine Appice

3. Rod Morgenstein

4. Jason Patterson

5. Sean McKinney


For everything else ::


1. Peter Erskine

2. John Marston Jr.

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"Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow"..Cornershop-Brimful of Asha



you go girl



"When learned men begin to use their reason, then I generally discover that they haven't got any." -GK Chesterton
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Not worthy, but...


Horacio "El Negro" Hernández

Robbie Ameen

Stewart Copeland

Neil Peart

Alex Acuña


also Kofi Baker, Chad Wackerman, Chad Smith...


...and on congas, Giovanni Hidalgo. And why not add Airto Moreira?

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