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Hard Rock band names


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Originally posted by Pappy P:

Oh yeah, the Cobras. I remember thier big hit:


Stop dragging my balls around.

Todays History Lesson:

In 1971, at the age of seventeen, Stevie moved to Austin, in an attempt to become involved in the music scene. Over the next few years he slept on pool tables and couches in the back of clubs and collected bottles to earn money for new guitar strings. He played in various local bands such as The Cobras and Nightcrawlers but recognition outside of the Austin circuit eluded him.
And another Kimball Classmate, Mike Kendrick was a member. Matter of Fact He penned "Cold Shot"



FWIW :wave:

Lynn G
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Originally posted by Pappy P:

Ha!!! Page four is my page.


Hard Rock Band Name: Master Blaster or Master Cylinder.




How about "The Humongeous"


(going for a Mad Max theme!)

What a horrible night to have a curse.
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