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Help with Dunlop Crybaby


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Ok now with the cover off.. take a close look at the 1/4 inch jacks, with the male jack stuck in look close to see if the tip and ring are firmly touching the spring strip on the female jack, those female jacks can get loose and you need to retension the flat springy strip that contacts the tip of the male jack. You can do all this testing with the amp on and guitar volume up so you can listen for changes as you probe these jacks ..listen for poping and scratching as you move the connections.
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Its the GCB-95. Its sound cool and everything but the thing im starting to notice is that if i pick a song i wanna play and make it sound like it i gotta buy the equipment to get the sound, which kinda sucks :/ I brought the crybaby cause i fancied trying to learn some solo's by metallica but i have the completey the wrong equipment. Anyone know bands that have a PRS SE and and Crybaby or have i just chose a odd set?


(I dont mean to sound wingey btw) :)

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