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Hi all

I have been using a Line 6 FlextoneII combo for about 5 years and have recently bought a POD XT Live to upgrade. It sounds fantastic plugged into headphones or my computer for recording, but I need an amp to take it for live gigs. Anyone got any suggestions? My budget is in the £1000 range, but I'd like to get something for less. I've heard some people say I should get a PA amp and a 4x12 cab, any thoughts?

Thanks in advance


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I am still testing things out myself on this. I bought a Roland KC-350 and its ok at best. Iv'e only used it in a band situation once and found it lacking somewhat. It just lacks character. I have used the Roland at some informal quiet jams and its sounds good enough to play some fun music, but still isn't sounding as good as through headphones. One big hint is anything you plug into should have 2 inputs, even if its not stereo for some reason it sounds better using both channels out of the POD XT LIve.


I have also tried it through all my different amps and my PA. Nothing there worked to well either. Through my guitar amplifiers it sounds to muddy, through the keyboard amp it sounds to sterile.


I have recently tried playing through my Fender Blues Deville and the Keyboard amp together. It sounds really good at low volumes in my apartment, but I haven't had a chance to test it in a band situation. The keyboard amp adds the clarity and the tube amp adds the character, plus a stereo sound is always going to sound fuller.


I would like to get my hands on an Atomic amp, they just aren't available to just try out. I would like to try out a tube power amp and speakers, but am not gonna spend a grand or more just to test it. If I got into a steady gig situation again, I would probably buy a Vetta and hope I could get it to sound as good as the XT Live. I really wish Line 6 would make an amp for people that already have Pods. Almost everyone struggles to get a good live sound to some degree.

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