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tremolo arm?


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well, I want one that goes on my SG, like this:




However, is there a site or something i could get one from, or do i have to go into my local music store and ask for one?


BTW, I currently don't have one on my guitar.

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If I understand you right (and by the way, the 'page that you provided a link to isn't working), you want to install a tremolo unit in your SG, which doesn't have one to begin with.


Am I correct so far?


You could go with a traditional flat-mount Bigsby, like this one, if relatively mild-mannered warbles and bendy dips are what you'd like...


_________ http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/3/f/3f720546.jpg


Or, for more of an empowering, aggressive dive-bar 'n' whammerific experience, you might consider one of these, the StetsBar top-mount trem for Gibson stop-tail/Tune-o-Matic type guitars (pricey, but they appear to be very well engineered and crafted):


_________ http://www.stetsbar.com/gallery/Red.SG.jpg

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