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Serial Number Question


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That link isn't current. The basics are correct, but the rank numbers are unidentifiable.


Otherwise, if it is a post 1977 Gibbie, you can tell the year or manufacture by the first and fifth digits of the eight digit serial number. You can tell the day of the year it was produced. You cannot glean other information based on the last three digits.


This is because different product lines, post 1977, did not get serial numbered at the "end" of the line. Certain models shared starting points. In addition, electric guitars are produced at factories in Memphis & Nashville. To my knowledge there is no way to tell from the serial number which factory yours was made at. However, only certain lines are produced at each factory, so unless things have changed since my tenure at Gibson Customer Support, your SG should have been built at the Nashville factory.


This assumes it isn't a special model or custom shop instrument, which have various other serialization schemes. Les Paul Classics, for example, use(d?) the 5 digit serialization of the 1950's, making it difficult if not impossible to know if a Gibson LP Classic is from this decade or the last unless you know the history of the instrument after it left the factory. :freak:


My suggestion, as always, is to phone Gibson Customer Support. It's a tollfree call. 1-800-4GIBSON (1-800-444-2766). They'll be happy to assist you.


Oddly enough, the link above is a lift of Gibson's own, somewhat simplistic and antiquated information on their own serial numbering system. :rolleyes:

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