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have you guys seen this before?


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Can you see him as a paratrooper? That must have been something wild. This is one guy I didn't appreciate as a kid having grown up in the drug culture (early-mid 70s), but not having actively participated. Someone posted a link to two hour long noodleing sessions by Jimi. I can listen to them all day.
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Originally posted by PeeMonkey:

"...what amp is he using at the end?"

Teahead and I conferred, and between his being able to load and watch the vid-file and my guessing about it based on his typed description of it, we've determined that it's most likely an Ampeg.

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Looks like a B15. I sold mine in 1968 to buy 2 100 watt solid state Haynes bass amps! Am I a loser or what? Great clip though. He could probably float down to Earth if his parachute didn't open! He was a one of a kind.
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