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who is ur all time favorite band??


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My list of all-time fav bands/groups include REZ (a.k.a Resurrection Band), Dixie Dregs, Rippingtons (featuring Russ Freeman on guitars), Acoustic Alchemy, just about any of Larry Carlton's live bands, Iceberg (a fusion band from Spain from back in the late 1970's that featured Joaquim "Max" Sune on guitar), the Jukka Tolonen Band (from Finland; late 70's-early 80's), any of Al DiMeola's earlier bands (including Return To Forever), Hillsong Music Australia, and ISAAC (a Christian fusion band from the late 70's-early 80's in my hometown of Virginia Beach, VA that featured a very gifted and hot guitarist by the name of Bob Page).

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Originally posted by comacoda:

Originally posted by HardTail:

The Red Elvises:



Just kidding. I like lots of artists but I probably have to go with Led Zeppelin.

Have you seen 'Six String Samurai'? Guitars, kung fu, and the red elvises. Good flick!
I have it. I've also seen them live about 4 times in NYC.


I don't really listen to them much anymore since their lead guitarist and "American" drummer left the band. That was a good line up. They were doing a lot of the mock surf music then.


The lead guitarist I'm talking about is named Zhenya Kolykhanov. He's a great Tele player and a nice guy.

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Ahhh...S-O-A-D..."System Of A Down"...okee...got it... :D


My favorite band of all time has got to be The Beatles. But, a lot of you younger guys would have had to have been there to understand why.


But, as others have said...my list is too long.


Spandau Ballet? :freak:;)

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Originally posted by Guitarzan:

too many to list.

but i am willing to name a few:

Judas Priest


The Darkness



old Kiss

Van Frikin Halen YES!




yes i am a bit of a headbanger, but i do have a delicate side. and i am only 45.



I also love the older metallica stuff, and cant forget about SRV or Hendrix either!


I'm only 20 though! So I probably was just born or wasnt even born yet when these bands were around!

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Zeppelin for me...followed by (in no particular order)

The Beatles

Van Halen

The Beach Boys

Temple of the Dog (one of my all time favorite records)

Tesla (one of the best live acts I have seen)

RATT (yeah, I'm an 80's metalhead, big hair, pointy guitars and all!)


Muddy Waters

Ian Moore (another of the best live acts I've seen)

Duran Duran


and so on, and so on, and so on...I could name favorites all day long, the list changes ever few minutes.

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Winner: The Ramones (bet you couldn't guess that)


Runners up:



-Bruce Springsteen (E Street Band)



-Cheap Trick

-The Beach Boys

-Buddy Holly


Honorable mentions:

-Oratory (great melodic metal band from Portugal)

-Elvis (hey, he's the King)

-Glen Miller (good big band rocks!)

"When learned men begin to use their reason, then I generally discover that they haven't got any." -GK Chesterton
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