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Guitar Rig 2 with my Line 6 FBV shortboard?

Aaron Wilkinson

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trying to control the looping unit in Native Instruments Guitar Rig 2 with my Line 6 FBV shortboard but it seems

I have to hit the switches twice for a controller message to send.

What gives... anybody been through this or similar?

Any help would be great thanks.







Aaron Wilkinson


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Yes, I have 3 'instruments' which need 2 clicks to toggle.


I have a simple on/off footswitch -> 1/4 in jack.


My Yamaha GEP500 rack guitar effects, my Fostex X26 4 track & my Zoom RT123 drum machine all need 2 clicks to toggle on/off.


I don't know why & I don't know what would work 1 click.


I'll be interested to find out.



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