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Need specs


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I saw a couple of pictures of a Marshall Lead 100 MOSFET stack today. These are all but unatainable, now.


I like the looks of this stack. I've heard one and don't really care much for the MOSFET technology. IIRC it sounded pretty harsh.


I really like the looks of the 3210 stack, though. The 1931 cabs have 12 inch drivers and the head has enough room to build a tube amp in it.


Does anyone know where I can get the specs for the Marshall 3210 cabinets (head and 1931A/B speaker cabs)?


What I have in mind is to reproduce the general design as a custom stack for myself and build my own amp. Nothing high powered; probably just 5 or 6 watts with master volume, eq and a spring reverb based on a couple of 12AX7s and a 6L6.

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Originally posted by G. Thomas O'Byrne:

Doesn't Torres Amps do books & specs & things?


Here - Torres Amps



Hmm. What are the odds of two people named Torres who do sell (nearly) all the same stuff? One in the US and one in the UK. Dan Torres here in the US has a very similar product line ( http://www.torresengineering.com ).


I've not been able to find anything on sites like that that has what I'm looking for. I guess I'll keep looking. Thanks, Geoff.


I did manage to get the dimensions of the MOSFET 100 (3210) head from a guy selling one on eBay. I may be able to extrapolate the dimensions for the speaker cabinets from that.

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