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Who has the Boogie Lone Star?


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The ability to switch wattage intrigues me about the Boogie. Does the thing sound decent at a low volume/low wattage... conversely, does it sound consistent at high-wattage/high-volume?


I'm looking for a good combo amp (must be tubes) that's good for band rehearsals, small to medium sized gigs and moderate volume private practice (this would just be a bonus).


Also, I like blues, I like jazz, I like rock. Hell... I even like a little bluegrass now and then.


Would I be asking too much from a Boogie? Thanks.

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Yep, I have the Lonestar Classic 1x12.


Remember, the Lonestars are 2 completely different amps with the same name.


Lonestar Classic: comes with 6L6's, can take EL34's or 6v6's, each channel independently capable of 50w or 100w. ALso has a "Tweed" power settting whichrweduse plate voltage and give syou something like 50w/30w (I believe)


Lonestar Special: true Class A, comes with EL84's, each channel switchable between 30w, 15w and 5w.


I have the Classic. With 6L6's, channel switching (with a boost for each channel) and the power options, I think of it as a Twin Reverb on steroids. Unfortunately, I have only used it on one gig in the 3 months I've owned it, since we've been working with backlines a lot lately. But that one time was great, I need to tweak it, but I was very happy with the range of sounds I could get. We play Classic ROck, Old Soul//R&B and originals in a "Jersey Rock" sort of style. So i have to cover sounds on everything from Santana, Stones, Springsteen to James Brown and Otis Redding.


Check out the Boogie Board for more info and opinions.


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