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Just a little advice please :D

Kris Beast

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Hey guys, I just got a new guitar and now I'm after a new amplifier. I was going to go for a DSL401 because I like the Marshall sound and wanted a a combo. Thing is Iv'e only been playing three years, should i settle for a SS MG or go for it? lol I was just looking at the MG250DFX that's all and I liked the look of it.

I play Green Day styled music and just wanted a satisfying amp until I go to uni, cheers guys, Kris. :)

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Solid State Marshalls, as far as I have experienced, sound like crap. However, I haven't played one in like 7-8 years, and haven't knowingly heard one live for about 5 years.


My advice would be: if you want a Marshall, get a REAL one; a tube-based one.

"Without music, life would be a mistake."

--from 'Beyond Good and Evil', by Friedrich Nietzsche


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