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Ten Years After in Detroit tonight


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But no Alvin Lee....is that really TYA?

Thats like going to see VH with out Ed :freak:

Lee you going?it's at the Magic Bag Joe Gooch

will be playing Alvin Lee :P

The story of life is quicker then the blink of an eye, the story of love is hello, goodbye.
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I always thought Alvin Lee SUKKED... he was fast but never really "said" anything - I saw him one time and he hollared "I'm the greatest Rock & Roll Guitarist in the World..." some guy hit him smack in the head with a "Big Gulp" cup of ice - muhahaha... served him right - greatest my azz! I saw Hendrix in Detroit in the 60's @ Cobo hall (67 or 68) - NOW THAT WAS A GUITARIST to see in the early days - later he started going down hill - by the time I saw him in Atlanta in 1970 (July 4th at the Atlanta Pop Festival - nightime - with fireworks no less) he was just terrible live - just a wall of "noise" but just seeing him was mind-blowing just the same... that and the 3 hits of Orange Sunshine I ate. :freak::freak::freak:
"well fellas... there's 1 other thing yer gonna need to make it in Rock & Roll besides all them guitars and amps and drums and things. They call it A SONG..."
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