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sx acoustics?

blitzkrieg bop

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Curious-Can anyone comment on the sx acoustic guitars from Rondo? They seem too amazingly cheap to be good.


I am eying up the Agile Black beauty sl-2000, something about the black and gold that brings me to my happy place... Seriously thinking about taking a gamble (I'm only young once!) Plus, my wife just spent $160+ on new curtians, so I am "allowed" to spend something comprable. :-)

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Rondo must be accessing products built with almost NO labor costs. I can't figure how else they'd deliver well made and finished instruments with good componentry for so little.
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haha yea! its a " gamer "expression, when some1 does something out of the " ordinary " they say they hack but that evoled into " l337 " ( leet ) talk and became hax so a hacker would be haxxor


thats about the best explenation i can come up with Oo

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