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beauty in the snow (daphneblue esp strat)


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my most succesfull restoration job ever, bought this japanese ESP a few weeks ago on a fleamarket for only 4 euro.

he looked like hell, painted darkblue scratched in, sprayed on with various colours and written on.

the seller was happy to get 4 euro for it :D , and i was happy to get it for that money.

i stripped it filled al the dents and schratches and refinished it in daphneblue, or better a color i could get easely in a spraycan that's the closest to daphneblue.

now it plays sounds and looks great only needs a new whammybar and it's completely finnished.

man i'm happy.




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Nice job!

Are you the same Wietse who sings in a band with a keyboard player named Roel?

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Niiiiiiiiiiiiice!! :cool:


I bet she's real snarky in positions 'too' and 'for'... ;):thu::cool:


By the way... was the previous owner a lefty or something? What's with the additional strap-button on the lower-bout's cutaway-horn?

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$4.801 U.S. according to my converter. A real diamond in the rough. Good job. That looks about like the color of the first strat I saw as a kid.
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