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I would say that "overdriven" is exactly what it implies. An amplifier is being driven to the point that it can't respond cleanly and it's clipping the signal and causing harmonic distortion. It happens when you over-drive an amplifier, especially push-pull tube circuits.


"Distortion" is when you intentionally distort the signal with special circuits that are designed to do just that to produce a special effect, such as "fuzz" tone. Sometimes the goal is to reproduce the distortion caused by over-driving an amplifier.

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hmm yea but thats the question right there, for example say ur playing some good'ol john petrucci thing, now, what do you use, distortion or overdrive, the sounds are like almost identical, whats the pros and cons of them or what
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Let's not forget the shape of the sine waves! C'mon, technoids! Spare us nothing! :D


Seriously, go to a store, check out an Ibanez Tube Screamer and a Boss or DOD distortion pedal. Play with the dials a bit(using a clean setting from the amp), and you'll hear the difference. A Fender tube amp will give you a good baseline sound to start from. :thu:

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Originally posted by YzeCounsel:

Petrucci uses natural preamp drive without pedals, so I would say he is using overdrve with sophisticated pre-amp units.


Seems like you need a Mesa Boogie Tri-Axis through a Simul class, bro

So your saying the Boss add with petrucci saying

I've used Boss my whole life
is not true? :D
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