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McCartney on PBS last night


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Did anyone happen to catch Sir Paul's "Chaos and Creation at Abbey Road" last night on PBS?


What a great show! It was sort f his take on the VH1 Storytellers series where he played old and new songs, talked a bit about his experiences at Abbey Road and gave a bit of insight into the recording process.


During the course of the show he played, acoustic (left-hand & right-hand) and electric guitars, a stand-up bass that had belonged to Bill Black of Elvis' band, his beloved Hofner bass, piano, drums, mellotron, harmonium and water glasses!


He demo'd multi-track recording by taping 2 tracks of water glasses, one track of harmonium and then played harmonium live against it and sang "Band on the Run". Very cool. He also played what he called "an old girl in new clothes" - a new,slow verison of Lady Madonna. He finished by laying down drums, bass and two guitars and singing a sort of farewell song ("You have to go home now") to the small live audience.


Check your lisitngs to see when they will repeat this episode of Great PErfromances which really lived up to the title!

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