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Are strats generally lighter than teles?


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go to warmoth.com. They explain body woods and weights quite well there. And no, Teles are generally much lighter than Strats. But I picked up one of Steve Stills' Strats (a 1954, of course..) and it did not feel as if it weighed five pounds. So maybe the really vintage ones are lighter, but I'm no expoert on Strats and mine weighs a bloody ton.



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It depends on the model. I purchased a Pre Jimmy Vaughan (JV) model Tex Mex Strat, which unfortunately Fender discontinued when they started making the Jimmy Vaughan model. This Pre JV model is a real sweetheart that is now very rare but has many nice features including a very slim but very playable neck, Vintage hardware, medium jumbo frets, Tex Mex pups, and a Polar body (which is similar to alder). This guitar is very light in weight but has great tone. I like it so much that that it deserved an upgrade and I carry it on gigs as a backup to my Strat Plus (which is heavier and has a swamp ash body and Amer Std. D shaped neck). When fatigue sets in at a gig, I grab the Tex Mex Strat and it feels like a feather weight in comparison to my more Amer. Std. type Strat Plus. The upgrades I made to this Tex Mex include: Sperzel Locking Tuners, an LSR nut, Kinman FV HMS pups, and Graphtech saddles. In the near future I'm going to also substitute a Callaham high grade steel fulcrum block and the Callaham vintage polished steel saddles. I've conversed with Callaham and they indicated that their block and saddles alone will make any Strat sound like it is has a great pick up upgrade.
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