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Non-shredders that tap?

Virtual Jim

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So for the past three months I've been sitting on this song for my band. It's very new-wavish and shoegazey, and I had trouble thinking of something that didn't sound like a sappy U2 lead line. Then at work it dawned on me: TAP! No, seriously. It works. I'm doing an appregio-like pattern thing-a-ma-gig. If you just rolled your eyes, I understand, but it's fun to pretend I'm a keyboard for four minutes. :D




This got me thinking about guitarists that tap that don't shred. GP covered Regi Wooten a year or so ago (HEY EDITOR: We need more of that!), and the guy in Minus the Bear does it. Can anyone think of any other? Preferably in the realm of rock?

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