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My best friend.


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Hi guys ,


He's nickname was Poncho , he died about one year ago . I took my FENDER XII to the funeral , so everybody there could write a thought for him , using a black marking pen.


To prevent that playing the guitar would erase the words , I took it to the guitar shop of Carlos Carbajal , formerly he worked some time for FENDER in Fullerton.


After several tries , he has declined the job because any barnish washes-out the ink. he also tryed SAYER LACK water-based barnish , but peels-off.


Does anybody know a procedure or proper barnish to do this job , or maybe a guitar shop to do it ?






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there is a spray that " painters " use on chalk so it dosent spread and bla bla bla, why dont u try spraying it with that before the barnish so it dosent erase?


thats just my idea, but then again i dont really know jack about it, sorry to hear about ur friend.

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Here are a couple of links to related 'sites- one a website on guitar finishing and refinishing and sales of supplies for such, and the other their forum on finishing and refinishing:


http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/icons/icon2.gif The Guitar Refinishing and Restoration Forum


http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/icons/icon2.gif Guitar ReRanch & Color Supply


_______________ http://home.flash.net/~guitars/gbansmall.jpg


Someone there should have a good idea of what you could do...


Best of luck! Please come back and let us know how you make out with that, and show us sime pictures of the finished guitar if you can! Keep us posted... :cool:

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I can't direct you to the best option, D1 but I suggest being very careful with any process you might try because it could work in one situation but not another and any variable might make it not work.


The "artists spray" mentioned before, for instance, can make inks run sometimes (I've tried it myself).


Whatever you try, I suggest that you test it before you use it on the whole area.

You might want to make a test by using the same type of marker on another part of the guitar and seeing if a method will work there.


Also, there was a guitar finish "expert" posting here recently. I will try to find his address or a way to put you in touch with him.


It might be that you would have to have the messages slightly engraved or carved into the finish and then covered.



Maybe the most helpful suggestion I can offer now is to check an old forum here that was in Spanish. It is closed so no one can post to it but if you use the "search function" you may find some helpful information.

Click on these words...




That does not mean that you should not post here, only that it's another place to look for information.

Good Luck!

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